Whether you are looking for a unique learning experience during your summer holidays, or you feel you’re not getting enough from your University studies; an intensive course at Arabeya will provide the necessary tuition and complete immersion that will allow you to propel your Arabic to the next level in a matter of weeks.

Our Summer Offer gives you free accommodation and airport transfer on top of intensive classes tailored especially to your needs.


Join other students from all over the world who have come to our school in Cairo, brought together by their fascination with the Arab world and their passion for Arabic. This merging of cultures and ideas creates a rich and exciting atmosphere that provides great opportunities for like-minded people to meet and together explore the Gift of the Nile.

It is also a perfect opportunity for you to totally focus on Arabic during a period in which the various stresses of other aspects of daily life do not hover over you. With monuments like the infamous Pyramids of Giza on its doorstep, or only a short drive south of Alexandria’s Mediterranean beaches, a summer in Cairo will be unforgettable.

Summer Course Description

We offer small groups (2-5 students) in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) & Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) allowing you to study one or the other or a combination of both. These small groups never exceed 5 students, and are taught in either the Muhandseen or Tahrir branches.

This Intensive Summer Course is taught to students of all levels, from total beginners all the way up to advanced. Whatever your background, Arabeya can tailor a course for you. Your classes will be completely adapted to your current level and your specific requests.

The Summer Package includes:

  • MSA or ECA or a combination of both
  • Classes of 2-5 students
  • Free Certificate of Education
  • Free bed in our shared accommodation
  • Free airport-shuttle from airport to accommodation
  • Free placement test
  • Orientation with the Senior Instructor
  • Free Registration

Certificate of education

At the end of the course, you will be given a certificate of education signed by the Education Manager with the number of hours you have completed and the official Arabeya stamp.

Accommodation and Services

The Summer Course includes a bed in a shared room in our accommodation and an airport-shuttle service from the airport to the accommodation as part of the price. There is also the option to book a single room for a separate fee. The accommodation comes with free Wi-Fi, a cleaning service and all cleaning and cooking facilities. For more details about our accommodation click here.

NOTE: Below, we also provide prices not including accommodation for those who wish to find their own places to stay.


Arrival for the Summer Program should be one day before starting, but arrival to the accommodation up to two days before commencing the course would incur no extra charge.


On the first day of the course, you will complete our free placement test and have an orientation meeting with the Senior Instructor who will give you an overview of the area and an outline of your time at Arabeya. The Senior Instructor will be available throughout your stay to help you with anything to do with your course and your stay.


You can register online for free through our online registration form here. A non-refundable deposit of €80 included in the program fees is required upon registration to the course. You can choose either 20, 25 or 30 hours per week, where 2 weeks is the minimum course length.

Prices of Summer Course with Accommodation:

No. of Hours Per Week

2 Weeks

3 Weeks

4 Weeks

5 Weeks

6 Weeks

20 Hours






25 Hours






30 Hours







Prices of Summer Course without Accommodation

No. of Hours Per Week

2 Weeks

3 Weeks

4 Weeks

5 Weeks

6 Weeks

20 Hours






25 Hours






30 Hours






Ramadan will start on Monday, May 6th, 2019 till Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Official Holidays

Sham El-Nasiem (Easter Holiday)

Monday, April 29th , 2019

Eid El-Fitr (Breakfast Feast)

Wednesday, June 5th 2019 until Friday, June 7th, 2019

Eid El-Adha (Sacrifices Feast)

Sunday, August 11th, 2019 until Thursday, August 15th, 2019

The Prophet's Birthday 2018

Sunday, November 10th, 2019


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