Communicative Approach

Arabeya follows the communicative approach to language learning coupled with the student centred learning approach; which reflects Arabeya’s core teaching philosophy. Firstly, we value the communicative over the traditionalist approach which focuses purely on grammar. Instead, we focus equally on each of the four skills ‒ speaking, listening, reading and writing. Secondly, our classes are interactive, pushing our students to take an active role in their learning process. Our teachers are trained specifically to encourage students to lead classroom discussions and explore the language by themselves.

 Cultural Immersion

Language is not a code with mathematical precision that is to be deciphered, but it is instead a tool with in-built imperfections that organically colour and

expresses human identities and ideas. Culture and language are inseparable, therefore we insist on integrating culture from day one. Other institutions focus mainly on grammar, introducing the language in context later. However, at Arabeya, students are immediately and fully immersed in all facets of the Arabic language and culture. While still maintaining the utmost rigor in pronunciation and grammar, we ensure all our students have the opportunity to explore the usage of language in context through role-play or at social gatherings at the school. This allows them to get to grips with how linguistic devices and styles are used in different settings and how to be appropriate and culturally sensitive when talking to native speakers. Join our diverse extra-curricular activities, from volunteering to cooking classes, as well as cultural visits led by our Cairo-born staff to fossilise classroom study!

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