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Thanks Arabeya

Arabeya language is a very accommodating institute. Very good teachers who ensure the students are happy and adapt the lessons to suit their needs.

A lovely friendly environment with good organization.



A lovely friendly place. A chance for people to see and spend time with orphans was a lovely experience.

Constrictive criticism perhaps give volunteers a role (Job) to do while they are there live them a responsibility.

Zobia Arif

About Arabeya

Really good surprised about the good level and good “doing” of the school.

Especially because I find teachers, school, rules and work but also a family.


Marta Alemany

The school has great teachers. They are all

The school has great teachers. They are all
very friendly and funny which creates a unique atmosphere. Moreover,
they are very creative in their teaching method and encourages the
students to study more. After joining this school, I feel more
confident and motivated to continue my Arabic studies. I also feel
that I have progressed a lot in a very short time.

Isma Rafiq

Such a perfect school

I have just completed a 4 week course in ECA and I am very grateful to all the staff. Everybody was so professional and with great human values. I will come back inshallah.



I was very impressed and satisfied with my time at Arebeya. The staff are very dedicated, thorough and consistent with their instruction. It should be noted too that I had visited other schools in the city seeking arabic lessons and didn't find any other structure to compare with what Arebeya had to offer.

Nicholas Sheldon

Kullu tamaam!

This is a GREAT school and I'm really happy I found it. I will definitely come back in the future. The two teachers I came in contact with (I had one on one classes) were both great! A real asset to the school!

The lessons were well planned, I was given homework and it was checked up on (or we did them quickly together on the few occasions I had left some part undone because of too much sightseeing the previous day). The teachers both had an amazing patience and they were very friendly and made me feel comfortable at all times. We also had a lot of fun and there wasn't a single dull moment during class.

Everyone I came in contact with at the school (i.e. not only the teachers) were very friendly and they speak good English.

The school has a good wifi connection and you can have coffee and tea during the breaks.


school is very flexible

school is very flexible in meeting the demands of students and the
teachers are well qualified and communicate clearly
Charles Northam

Wayne S. Mowey

A language immersion program like none other, offering a perfect bland of classroom learning, self exploration and discovery, and eager to show us the true nature of Cairo and its inhabitants truly, My friends and I learned more in a week than we did over an entire semester a tour University in America. This program is the real deal

Wayne S. Mowey

How to enjoy studying arabic

My experience at Arabeya Arabic School was really above my expectations. Indeed, the school provided me with a tailor-made program, a very competent and friendly staff, and took care of my accommodation in Cairo. Moreover, the teachers are highly motivated and qualified, and thanks to them I made qualitative progress in Arabic. I would highly recommend this school to any students who want to learn Arabic in an efficient and pleasant way.



I am glad I came here to study Arabic. It was a really good time and I learned a lot. Inshalla, I will come here again! Alf shukr!



أنا بحب مدرسة عربية علشان أنا درست مع معلمة كويسة و عندنا Event كتير
ازاي عيد و شم النسيم كده :)

أنا عايزة أدرس هنا مرة تانية إن شاء الله


For About

really excellent teachers who work hard to let you understand even complex idea! A lot of fun. The teacher’s English was excellent and the school provided good value for money. The extra few minutes spent on ECA is addition the mostly MSA classes were very useful. All in all a great Arabic school and good value for money compared to my offer Arabic school.

Joseph Spencer

About Arabeya

I have spent 3 wonderful weeks at Arabic 4 you school. I have appreciated very much the one to one system. The atmosphere at the school has been very good and I have felt very integrated among the school stuff. My teacher has been excellent, she first asked about my goals and evaluated my weakness and worked accordingly. I would recommend the school to every body.



For Arabeya

Every body here is very kind. I think I spend a good time here, In addition to there's very good atmosphere. I will recommend this school to all my friends.


Mustafa ozloprah

All in all an excellent experience

I enjoyed the time at Arabeya. I would recommend the school to anyone visiting Cairo for a longer time to get to know the basics of the beautiful language. It have made my time in Cairo a lot more interesting and enjoyable. The atmosphere at the school is fun and comfortable and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I am surely coming back next time. 


I am really enjoying my experience with Arabeya.

I have
thoroughly enjoyed my time at Arabeya in Cairo. Since the day I
arrived, all of the staff have been very kind and welcoming - making
me feel at home in a new city. 
The teachers are highly skilled, and I saw a huge improvement in my
speaking, writing and comprehension within only a few weeks. My time
at Arabeya has inspired me to keep learning Arabic, and I hope I will
return to the school in future.
Brigid O'Farrell

very enthusiastic

very enthusiastic,well prepared, great educational skills.

jannie lehman

Fiona Bassoum

 This is my second time I have been to the mohandiseen branch of Arabeya School. All the staff are very freindly and kind and the overall atmosphere of the school is very welcoming . In the ECA lessons I have been taking the teachers seen genuiely interested in your opinions which makes for a lively disccussion . One on one lessons mean that the lessons will be at exactly the right level . I have really enjoyed my time at thew school the lesson were both useful and alot of fun.


Fiona Bassoum

Study Arabic

In this one month I learned more than in one semester at the university. I could progress with my vocabulary in different thematic fields. The teachers used my MSA background for the teaching me ECA in a well structured way. The atmosphere in the class was fantastic and I shall miss the yallaing.

I hope to be back next year to continue with my studies.

Jonas Gasser

my opinion

I feel very satisfied with my time at Arabeya. Everyone on the staff was always extremely friendly and helpful. In addition, I found the classes to be very good as well. They were flexible in enabling me to learn what I wanted, both in choosing what to study and then how those lessons proceeded on a day to day basis. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Arabeya.

John Deborski

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