Learn Arabic in egypt

Live, Work and Study the Arabic Language in Egypt 2017

Arabeya’s major priorities is to provide eligible applicants wanting to study Arabic from all over the world the opportunity to receive a fellowship. Arabeya fellowships enable gifted applicants, regardless of their financial circumstances, to live in Cairo, enjoy its rich culture, study the Arabic language, and gain work

experience in the fields of E-marketing and administration. Arabeya fellowships are based on merit and need. Fellowships are highly competitive awards that are reserved for applicants with special qualifications and interest.

The Fellowship offers:

  • Cultural, language and work experience.
  • 10 hours/week of Arabic language group study.
  • Choice of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA).
  • Course materials (not including text books).
  • 25 hours/week of work experience in our E-marketing and administration departments.
  • Accommodation (a bed in a shared room at our accommodation).
  • Airport shuttle.
  • Placement test and certificate.
  • Free Wi-Fi access at our school and accommodation.

Fellowship Duration:

The fellowship length is from (4-8-12 months) depending on the applicant's request and our capacity.


Fellowship applications from all qualified candidates will be considered. However, preference will be given to applicants who fulfill one of the following criteria:

 Strong interest to study Arabic language (regardless of the level - from elementary to highly advance).

  • Enrolled in a university studying a relevant field such as Middle East studies, political science, international studies, Islamic studies, phonology, etc.
  • Fluency in one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, or Swedish.          


  • Application
  • Resume
  • Essay
  • A letter of recommendation (From your University or Work)
  • Online interview

To Apply:

  •  Fill in the online application
  • Submit the required documents
  • Complete an online interview with our education manager

*After submitting the online application with the required documents, the eligible applicants will be emailed to schedule an online interview. Arabeya fellows for 2017 will be chosen based on our need and capacity, and based on the applicants' qualifications and interests. Those who are awarded with the fellowship will receive a confirmation email with more details. 


19 Dr Ahmed Al Hofy (Almansora), Omar Touson, Ahmed Orabi, Giza, Egypt.

The fellows will live, work and study at Arabeya main branch located in Mohandesin, which is an upper-middle class neighborhood to the west of central Cairo. Although Mohandessin does not enjoy the historical backdrop of downtown Cairo where Arabeya’s second branch is located, the leafy suburb offers easy access to many shops, restaurants and cafés. The Mohandesin area is one of the most convenient to live in in Cairo and allows students to experience its diversity. Additionally, our accommodation is 4 minutes walking distance from our school and 3 minutes walking distance to public transportation.

  • Expectations:
  • The fellows are expected to work in a professional manner for the mentioned number of hours. If the fellows’rate of absence or tardiness exceeds 25%,  Arabeya has the right to end the fellows' program immediately.