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Arabic Calligraphy Course

Following the success of our Calligraphy workshops and programs We are pleased to announce for more Arabic Calligraphy  workshops for all of our students and all interested in Arabic calligraphy .

There are 2 Levels for each Calligraphy style:

 Level 1 : 12 hours (Beginning level).

 General introduction about the Arabic Calligraphy and the techniques of writing, tools and the materials related to


 - Learning kinds of tools its preparation and use.

 - Practice writing the different letters and join them .

 - Writing short and long words.

 - Write your name in Arabic calligraphy .

 - Experimenting with the of Arabic main calligraphy scripts. (Farsi, Diwani, Thuluth, Riq’a,Naskh ).

  Level 2 : 12 hours (intermediate level).

 - Learning how to add Arabic Tashkil to the word .

 - Writing sentences in a bigger letters Project .

 Each level 6 lectures (each lecture is two hours).


 - Every participant will be provided with all the necessary tools and equipments; paper, ink & calligraphy pens (Reeds).

 - A chance to create an individual calligraphic artwork will be given to the participants

 - Arabic and English is the languages used in the workshop.

 The workshop and calligraphy courses will be held at Tahrir and Muhandseen branches monthly .

 Reservation to be carried out through:

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

 Phone: 002 0100 210 2538

 or at our reception in Tahrir and Muahndseen .

 Or fill the next form for :