Arabeya offers the Academic Year and Semester Abroad Programs for university students studying Arabic, Middle Eastern studies, Political Science, International Studies, Islamic Studies, History, Anthropology, Phonology, Egyptology, etc. For several years, we have cooperated with various universities and have hosted their students as groups or individuals at all levels. These include students from Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, Bamberg University, in addition to the US Air Force ROTC.


Arabeya is flexible to follow the university’s specific design of the program or it can provide the university with the Semester Abroad Program, the standard that we offer at the centre about which you can read about here.

We offer semester-programs (Spring–Fall) and intensive Arabic Seasonal Programs (Winter-Summer), and host university students at any time during the year, accommodating all levels and any amount of hours. In addition to the core language hours, we run social and cultural activities such as trips, seminars or calligraphy workshops upon the university’s request.

General Arabic language program

Generally speaking our university language programs contain three main components: Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA), Arabic grammar and literature in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), and Media Arabic. Nevertheless, each university selects the focus of their students’ program by indicating to Arabeya any components they would like to add, and the degree of attention each component receives.

Arabic for Special Purposes programs

For other specializations and specific studies, Arabeya hosts advanced university students who are looking to specialise in certain areas. The Centre therefore tailors individual courses in Arabic for journalism, Arabic for diplomats, Arabic for business communication, Translation, Arabic for MA/PHD students who need help with their theses and Islamic Studies. The university can ask Arabeya to include these as extra components or modules as past of their desired program.

Evaluations and assessments

Before the beginning of the program, Arabeya sends the university a detailed course catalogue that includes the full course description, academic calendar, assessment criteria and grading system.

Throughout the program, students are assessed through weekly quizzes, student class participation, mid-term exam, final exam and final project, and regular feedback on each student’s performance and attendance is relayed back to the university. These internal assessments are then graded as outlined below, however, Arabeya remains flexible to evaluating students based on the university’s own grading systems and criteria.

At the end of the course, each student receives a certificate that states the name of the course, the duration, the total number of hours and the student's overall grade. The university will also receive a soft copy of these certificates and a complete final report.


1. Student class participation and preparation (course readings made in advance) 15 %

2. Quizzes (announced and unannounced) 15 %

3. Mid-term exam 30 %

4. Final exam 30%

5. Final project 10%

Grading system 1:

Passed with Excellence = A minimum of 80 % of total
Passed = A minimum of 60 % of total
Failed = Less than 60 % of total


Grading system 2:

A Above 93
A- 90-93
B+ 86 -89
B 80- 85
B- 78 - 79
C+ 76 - 77
C 70 -75
C- 68 – 69
D+ 66 – 67
D 60- 65 


Arabeya offers special discounts for university programs. The program's cost depends on the amount of hours, the nature of the program, and the other services that the university may request (i.e. accommodation, hotel reservation, calligraphy workshops, social and cultural activities etc.)

Universities interested in the Arabeya’s University Program should contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will happily provide you with materials and more details.

Some examples of Arabeya’s previous course materials with Universities:

Uppsala University 2016


Uppsala University 2015


 Northeastern University 2010




Our University Partnerships:

As well as working alongside the US Air Force ROTC, we have had the pleasure to host groups of students from various universities such as:

Uppsala University | Stockholm University | Hunter College | Northeastern University | Harvard University | Bamberg University

In addition to formal partnerships, we regularly receive individual students from several universities all over the world:

Cambridge University | Edinburgh University | St. Andrews University | Boston University | Aarhus University | Rutgers University | Münster University | Wilfrid Laurier University | Melbourne University | Warsaw University | Oslo University | Salamanca University | Ca’ Foscari University | Osaka University | Helsinki University | Pune University

For more information on how to establish a partnership with us please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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