Over the years, the Arab world has rapidly become a major global player in the global economy. As the official language of over 20 countries and with almost 300 million native speakers, Arabic is a tool with which businesses can unlock new doors to a growing market and large consumer base. However, knowledge of Arabic and consideration for Arab culture and customs during interactions with Arab businesses is key to successful relations. Therefore, our Arabic for Business Communications course is designed to give learners a comprehensive understanding of the etiquettes of professional Arab business transactions, and how these are communicated via the Arabic language, by putting this knowledge into practice in a classroom setting. More specifically, this will involve gaining a strong understanding of Arabic linguistic devices for persuasion; extensive work on listening and speaking especially under pressure (such as in a meeting setting or phone calls); learning how to run successful business meetings in Arabic; and finally a focus on Arabic stylistics when it comes to writing CVs, emails and reports.

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