A ten-minute taxi ride from the Tahrir branch is our second branch in Muhandseen, an upmarket area of Cairo located on the other side of the Nile. This is a quieter residential area with a broad selection of places to eat very near to the school that serve a variety of different cuisines; from traditional Egyptian dishes such as Kushari and Taamiya to Yemeni, Syrian, Indian and more western style restaurants. Everyday amenities such as supermarkets and clothes shops are readily available and links via bus, microbus or taxi can be easily made to various areas of Cairo. The Muhandseen branch is the bigger of the two and has a reception area, garden with space for students to work, a kitchen with tea and coffee and books for study reference. Classes here are bigger and any events such as concerts, lectures and feasts held by Arabeya usually take place in the garden so students have plenty of opportunity to socialise with teachers and other learners of Arabic from various countries around the world, all the while using their Arabic.

The Muhandseen accommodation is a 3-minute walk from the school and a 5-minute walk from Gameat Al Dewal Al Arabeya (Arab League Street), which cuts straight through Muhandseen. This wide street is lined with shops, restaurants and sports facilities, making this a popular area amongst the younger generation.


All these factors promise prospective students a vibrant, unique and safe environment in which they can fully engage in order to get the most of their time in Egypt.

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