Why Arabeya

Arabeya was established on the belief that true success can only be achieved if there is a complete and total devotion to attention to detail. This foundational belief is reflected in our absolute dedication to each one of your individual needs and goals, something that is unique to our mission.


We are the only institute that doesn’t have a previously established structure of levels or curriculum. We believe that following the standardised language levels denies you the opportunity to focus on your own strengths and weaknesses. That is the reason that our groups are made of 2 to 5 students, based on similar language skills and specific areas of interests, which allows us to give completely tailored lessons. This attention to detail is unique to Arabeya.


Arabeya was established in 2003 in a small apartment in Downtown Cairo with the objective to create intensive and personalised courses for Arabic learners. With our subsequent expansion into two larger school branches on Tahrir Square and in Muhandseen, this focus was not lost. Our commitment to our students’ individual success has allowed us to attain the reputation of being one of Egypt’s leading centres, attracting students from all over the world.

 Language Immersion

Here at Arabeya we know that culture and society are inseparably entwined with language, and together they form an indispensable aspect of your language learning process, one that cannot be enjoyed to the same degree outside an Arabic-speaking country. Whether it is within the school’s many organised extra-curricular activities, or on the streets: in cafes, shops or taxis, you will constantly be surrounded by the rich melodies and sounds of the Arabic language. If you are seeking native-like fluency, studying at Arabeya will present you the opportunities to use language in context and interactional situations.


So what better place other than Egypt? After all, the Egyptian dialect of the Arabic language is widely considered to be the most important and most widespread dialect of the Middle East. Egypt is and has historically been one of the Arab World’s most important centres of knowledge and culture still enjoying its status as the epicentre for the propagation of Arabic media, cinema, music and the arts. All of this makes Cairo the ideal place to study the language.


Our success is clear through our thousands of satisfied students. We are proud to say that the majority of our students return to study with us. They come from all over the world and from very diverse backgrounds -from the US Air Force ROTC to Phd students. We also teach PhD students with very specific fields of study. Many of these students are now teaching Arabic in their home universities across Europe and North America. We have hosted and continue to host groups of students from the following


Uppsala University | Stockholm University | Hunter College | Northeastern University | Harvard University | Bamberg University In addition to our formal partnerships, we regularly receive individual students from universities all over the world: Cambridge University | Edinburgh University | St. Andrews University | Boston University | Aarhus University | Rutgers University | Münster University | Wilfrid Laurier University | Melbourne University | Warsaw University | Oslo University | Salamanca University | Ca’ Foscari University | Osaka University | Helsinki

University | Pune University

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