Terms and Conditions Arabeya Terms and Condition


Registration is starts by sending the online registration form . The school will

check the availability for the program and will send an email confirmation of the

program enrollment. the email of confirmation is the approval from our language

school about the reservation.

Cancellation of the programs:

Cancellation of Contract by the Student

The student may cancel the enrollment at any time prior to the start of the

The cancellation needs to be communicated in writing by the person that booked

 30+ days before program  start: 100% refund

 Less than 30  days before program  start: 75% refund   

 Less than 15 days before program  start: 60% refund      

 1-7 days before program start: 25% refund and advance payment are not


After start of program no refunds are paid. You may place another student to

participate in the program in your place or you may request ahead of time to

postpone the program to another date.

Content of Contract and Payment Information:

Student advance payment should be paid before 2 weeks of arrival . The balance

of the payment will be made directly to the school after arrival in advance.

Change of Reservation:

No fees will be charged for changes communicated to us in writing within two

business days of the booking confirmation.  Changes of schools, reduction of

program durations and downgrade of services are considered as cancelations and

the cancelation terms apply.

Cancellation due to Visa Refusal:

If a student is forced to cancel the program due to visa denial after all payments

and deposits will be returned. The student will need to present a document

demonstrating the visa rejection at least 2 weeks before the start of the program.

The booking and payment data which is provided by students will be treated with

absolute confidentiality. student's responsibility It is the student's responsibility

to fulfill the requirements of visa , customs and health instructions  like   visas,

customs, health instructions .

Airport Shuttle service:

The flight information should be sent at least 2 weeks before arrival. In case of

late of the flight more than 2 hours from the specified time by the student the

school in not responsible for the airport shuttle service and he or she should take

a taxi to the accommodation or hotel and pay for it .

Minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 .If the minimum is not reached, the school will

start  individual or 1 to 2 program  with the same cost.

The students should notes that there is a different time in the holy month of

Ramadan . And there is a holiday for 4 days in each of the 2 feasts of Muslim, if

this dates included in the same program dates.

- If the students postpone some hours of their package, this amount of postponed hours will have to be used within a maximum of 6 months of their last lesson's date. After this period of 6 months, the student  unfortunately will lose this amount of hours.